Cruise to the Norwegian fjords

Sunset - Cruise night

A cruise has been on our wish list for a long time now. But we wasn’t sure if it really was something for us. And if it turned out we didn’t liked it, it would be quite a lot of Money spent on a trip. But this summer, we came across a good deal on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords. Fortunately we had one week left of our summer Holiday, and we saved a lot of money on the deal with Costa Cruises and their ship Costa Fortuna. There wasn’t much time to consider the offer, so we went for it, and ordered the tickets immediately.

Cruise trip

Cruise to the Norwegian fjords


We were actually quite nervous, whether it was worth the money, and if we could expect full value for money, when it was a deal. But our thoughts came to a shame, everything was great and we had an excellent trip. We can definitely recommend a cruise holiday for those who have not tried it yet. We were very happy with Costa as a Cruise Company as well. Excellent service, very nice ship, and the food were, well not fantastic but good, and sometimes very good. All meals are included, and we had ordered “All Inclusive beverages”, so actually everything was prepaid, and we just could enjoy and relax.


Picture from Gieranger

Is a Cruise Holiday boring?

Before we went, we were a bit afraid it could get boring, but actually there was no need to worry. We arrived to a new port each morning, and after breakfast we went for our own excursions on shore, and most of the times, we were back on the ship again in time for lunch. After lunch it was time to relax, or do some workout in the gym, and suddenly it was already time to get ready for dinner (we had first seating). After dinner we went to see the show in the Theatre. It was actually nice and entertaining shows!

Costa Fortuna show

Costa Fortuna show


Before we went to bed again, it was time for a pint or drink in the bar. Or if the kids was hungry again, we went for a Pizza. Fortunately the trip only lasted for a week, because there was quite a lot of eating! 🙂


Pizza for “midnight” snack


Here are some Pictures from our trip, shoot with my D600 and the 50mm 1.8 lens. This was actually the first trip with my new camera, so I actually had a lot of learning. And I found that the small 50 mm lens have some limitations, but can be used as a allround lens, if you only bring one lens.


Tesla in Oslo

Tesla seen at our first stop in Oslo


Staue in Stavanger



Skjolden, third stop


Old house

Old house in Skjolden


Costa Fortuna by night

Costa Fortuna by night


Costa Fortuna elevators

Costa Fortuna elevators


Costa Fortuna

The ship in Skjolden


Costa Fortuna

The ship in Geiranger



Bench on board



Large chimney


Show (bird)

“Bird-lady” in the show


Homepage of: Costa Cruise

Author: Lasse

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